The Royal Training Institute was founded in the year 2007 as the pharmaceutical Training Institute. The name was changed in 2015 to Royal Training Institute (RTI) following the changing trend and expansion in Tanzania technical education and training industry.
          The ownership of Royal Training Institute is vested in Royal Pharmaceuticals and Medical services Ltd, a private company limited by guarantee, not having share capital and incorporated in Tanzania, Established for the provision of health, and education service.
         The governing organs of the Institute include the Board of Directors, the principle, departments chaired by Head of Departments.
          Royal Training Institute is accredited Institution with NACTE full registration NO. REG/ HAS/ 103, recognized in URT through Pharmacy Council of Tanzania and and Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children. The Institute is a member of APHECOT.
          The Institute main campus is located on plot No. 1 Block C in Mbande area, Temeke District, Dar es Salaam. This is allocated for Pharmaceutical course and other like Community Health and Health Records Management programs together with other health related programs. The Institute has some more 10 acres at Hoyoyo area Mukuranga District and 6 acres at Chamazi area-Temeke District for establishment of Business school and ICT for certificate and Diploma programs, in June 2016 the Institute established Procurement and Supplies Management program. 


To offer competence based training in order to produce competent Graduates who meet National students and recognized internationall


To become a center of excellence in the delivery of technical education and training in line with Tanzania Labor Market demand and International imperatives


Customer Focus

Customers to Royal Training Institute come first. We dedicate ourselves to serve the needs of our customers and deliver services to customers at high level of dignity and timely respond to their needs.

Team Work and Collaboration

We believe in team work and collaborations. We will promote team work spirit and collaborations across the institute in discharging our functions in achieving desired goals.


We dedicate ourselves to provide services of high quality while adhering to values and ethics.

Mutual Respect and Unity of Purpose

We will encourage and enhance mutual respect and unity of purpose among employees, management and stakeholders.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

In striving to achieve our objectives in efficient manner, we will provide services of high quality and reflect value for money.

Transparency and Accountability

Our staff will provide their services in an open manner and equal treatment to all promote good governance and implement fiscal policy according to the agreed plans and regulations. Transparency, tolerance and accountability will be upheld and emphasized.

Key Areas of Focus

To create a place where a good knowledge and skills will be rendered from one generation to another for the development of our country.

To promote equity of access to quality technical education for all and strength then link with other level of care in other systems.

To conduct research directed to business and the health care needs of the Tanzanian society at large, and which instrument in ensuring quality technical education for societal development.

To provide Advisory and consultation services to government in all technical aspects.

To provide a good teaching and learning environment that will add academically and professionally qualified technicians and assistant technicians in sufficient number to support the technical infrastructure of Tanzania society.